Just call me Kev!




What can I do for you? In the last years I have developed a diverse skillset that can help you, your company or event to a higher level. 




If a picture says more then a thousand words how much would an album with over 300 photo's do? My vision on photography is capturing emotions and settings that people will remember. In the last years I've thought myself how to take photo's in a way that will stick.



Creativity is key. Video is becoming more important to your company to express yourself to your customers and to connect with your target audience. I try to create solutions to bridge those needs. If you need any help or even consult with these problems don't hesitate to contact me! Together we achieve more then imaginable!

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Social Media Strategy

Do you need a boost in terms of social media, does your company need to expand your reach? We can work out a new social media strategy to get the reach you need. Social media is a thing to work with, in this ever changing world it is important to anticipate on what is going to happen or is happening. Let's set the goal and let's reach it!